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Friday, December 31, 2010

new year 2011 ^_^ .

wahh3 ! ary ni da msok thon bwu larh . kene buad azam bwu ni ! hmm , azam apw erk ? azam bwu larh ngok . :P azam huda utk thon ni .... jeng3 ! nk bljar b'sungguh2 n dgar apw yg ibu n ayh ckp . <3 lagi satu nak dapat result yg cmerlang at ckola . insyaAllah huda akan buad yg terbaek . AMINN .... azam bwu aq da adw , apw lagi erk ? hah ! wajib adw bnde ni . baju bwu, prngai bwu, sikap bwu, cinta bwu .. semuanya bwu larh :)

PMR candicates :) 2011

more than that .

i miss you 
more than ever now that you left
i am use to you 
being gone for a week,
but forever is something

i still see you 
giving me that crooked smile 
and telling me everything will be alright
i should known you were wrong,
but i thought that you smile
and words doesn't lie

i trusted you
with all my hearts
but know i am hollow 
because you stole what was rightfully mine
you stole my hearts 
my soul, and my pride 
but i miss you more with every passing day !